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New site for Jenna. I love the sleek design of it too. I’m still following her though.

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I will be working on A Webcatcher’s Dream throughout the week and hope to post come this weekend. As well as posting updates to my new stories also. Please keep in mind that I have 18 chapters to read over and it takes a lot of notes etc… to get back into it. I wish to do it right and read from the beginning on.

I hope you all enjoy my latest stories and the ending to The Highlander and 4padfoot’s amazing video!

Love your fav clown,


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Heads up!

Im so excited.

Harley's Thought's

While my friend is working on the big surprise. I will be spending this week working on my Jasper/Bella – Altered Paths, Jax/Bella – Playing With Fire, and A Webcatcher’s Dream chapters. I have decided to start posting (when I can) on the weekends. That way I have the whole week just to write and edit and not feel rushed. If I’m taking on three stories I will need that time. I’m working on editing the third chapter to Jax as well. So that should give you guys more to look forward to. Sorry for the wait. But it will be worth it with all the updates and the big surprise.

Thanks everyone!

Love your fav clown,


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Voting results and closure.

Thank God! I love them both, so I would have been happy either way!

Harley's Thought's

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that voted. I was surprised by the turn out on WP as well as FB. I have added them all together and here are the results. I will be cutting off commenting to the voting now so that people know it is closed. Thank you so much.

Love Me Till It Hurts 34

A Webcatcher’s Dream 37

As you can see it was very close and the two often enough tied. I will be getting to Love Me Till It Hurts AFTER A Webcatcher’s Dream.

Much love,


(As to The Highlander ending it is coming as well as the first two chapters to Playing With Fire. Just ran into some obstacles and naturally friends and family will always come first.)

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Fan Fiction Promotional Month of April

Cloe Michael's Reads


Are you an unappreciated FFN author, our FFN authors are some of the most selfless authors because they write for the love of writing their chosen fandom and their fans nothing more. do you have a newly completed story with few reviews. Are you an avid reader of FFN and have a favorite completed story you would like us to promote?



The team at Cloe Michael’s Reads are setting aside the month of April for all your FFN favorites to read, review and share with the world.

If you have a completed story or know of one you would like us to review either email us the link or the story and one of our reviewers will be happy to read your story and post the review on our blog along with Facebook, twitter and google +

So, get cracking…

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